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Who are Kotan Publishing ?

We are a publishing company that is dedicated to introducing new and exciting Asian literature and artwork to the rest of the world. Our goals are two fold, on the one hand we are creating opportunities for English speaking audiences to discover and delight in the wealth of talent from the region and on the other we are enabling Asian writers, artists and publishers to express themselves across the cultural and linguistic divide.

The name 'Kotan' means 'village' in the language of the Ainu from Northern Japan. The Ainu are an indigenous people that have been fighting to preserve the last vestiges of their culture and resurrect their dying language [for Ainu Web links see under Japan in our 'Asian People's Directory']. The concept of a village is one where all the people living within it must work together to make the community succeed and without effective communication and understanding this is impossible. In this area we aim to make a difference in the global village and with your help we will.

We enjoy working closely with writers and artists on the development of new projects and we are focused on building long lasting relationships with them and with their audience. For us to continue to grow and provide quality products and services, your feedback and ideas are very important to us. Please contact us and let us know what you think or just drop in and say hello.


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