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Afghan Magazine

Afghan Medical Tribune

Afghan Music MP3 - Afghan Music MP3 has got more than 1000 Afghan songs. You will find the music that you never find anywhere else.

Afghan Music Videos - Music videos of various Afghan singers which have been shown in Kabul TV or Peshawar TV.

Afghan News Network

Afghan Red Crescent Society

Afghan Peace Organization


AfghanSolidarity.com - The 200 Afghan Solidarity members are well educated in the culture and history of Afghanistan and are united in their belief that Afghanistan and its people need help. The values of the group reflect those of its individual members: allegiance to their current-adopted home states; allegiance or sympathy to the nation and the people of Afghanistan; prosperity for its people; a nation of Afghanistan clean from harmful foreign elements; and a channel for the voice of Afghan communities worldwide.

Afghan to Afghan Organization

Afghans4tomorrow.com - Professionals for the Reconstruction and Development of Afghanistan- is a non-profit, non-political organization dedicated to the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan. Through the establishment of a professional, humanitarian, an unified organization, we will assess, select, implement, and evaluate projects inside Afghanistan. The concentration of programs will be in the areas of Agriculture, Commerce, Education, Energy, Transportation, Interior, Treasury, Housing, and Urban Development, as well as Health and Human services. A4T provides essential services through expertise, knowledge and dedication of afghan professionals, living abroad.

Assistance Afghanistan

CARE - Afghanistan

Central Asian Studies World Wide - study resources about Afghanistan, W. China, N. Iran, Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Russia (Muslim & Turkic Regions), Tajikistan & Uzbekistan

The Children of War

Doctors of the World - Afghanistan

EAfghanan Search Engine - An Afghan website search engine where you can find links to other Afghan websites very easily. I also have some sub sections which could be considered a website of its own.

Humanitarian Assistance for Women and Children of Afghanistan (HAWCA)

Help The Afghan Children - Help the Afghan Children, is a non-profit org. dedicated to helping the children of Afghanistan.

Institute for Afghanistan Studies

International Committee of the Red Cross - Afghanistan

National Geographic's Afghanistan: Land in Crisis!


Omaid Weekly

PARSA in Kabul (Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Support for Afghanistan)

Photos of Watan - Over 800 photographs of Afghanistan before and after the Russian Afghan War.

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)

Society of Afghan Engineers

TrueAfghans Entertainment Site - An entertainment site for TrueAfghans to enjoy,chat, and meet eachother through a nice Afghan community! Visit us now and meet thousands of fellow TrueAfghans.

Young Afghan-World Alliance

Watan Afghanistan - Watan Afghanistan is the biggest informative website about Afghanistan. This site is about the history, culture, religion, traditions, folklore, music and other aspets of Afghan life.

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Toppamono Toppamono
Outlaw. Radical. Suspect. My Life in Japan's Underworld
by Miyazaki Manabu

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The Shore Beyond Good and Evil The Shore Beyond Good and Evil
A Report from Inside Burma's Opium Kingdom
by Hideyuki Takano

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Mapping the Tibetan World Mapping the Tibetan World
Tibet, China, India, Nepal and Bhutan
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