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Burma (Myanmar)

All Burma Federation of Student Unions - we are now struggling for good education in Burma and rights for education.

All Burma Student Democratic Organisation (ABSDO) Australia

All Burma Students League - ABSL - All Burma Students League (ABSL) is fighting for the restoration of democracy and human rights in Burma. ABSL believes in non-violent movement but will leave no stone unturned in removing the bloody military junta in Burma. Email : absl_8888@yahoo.com

Amnesty International Burma Group - Human Rights, Burma, Myanmar Prisoners of Conscience, Torture, forced relocation, mailing list, reports, urgent actions, AI Burma desks worldwide links, press releases.

Association Suisse-Birmanie

Britain Burma Society- non-political organisation with news updates, extensive research material,offers visitors a choice betweeen the two different spelling systems for Burmese place names that are advocated by the Burmese government and its opponents respectively. Book reviews & discounts, members area, Missing Persons etc.

Buddhist Relief Mission

Burma Action

Burma Campaign UK - The Burma Campaign UK (BCUK) campaigns for human rights and democracy in Burma. BCUK works for the freedom of all the peoples of Burma regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or age. We provide analysis to the media and government, and we lobby and campaign to improve government and commercial policy on Burma.

The Burma Courier - a weekly digest of news and commentary about Burma (Myanmar).

Burma Fund

Burma Forum

Burma Group Tubingen

Burma Information Network (Burmainfo) [English] - Burmainfo disseminates Burma (Myanmar) -related information to the people in Japan. We provide Japanese informative documents on Burma, mailing list service, links to other sites and suggestion of further reading. Burma-Japan Up-date monthly is also available in English.

Burma Information Network (Burmainfo) [Japanese] - Burmainfo disseminates Burma (Myanmar) -related information to the people in Japan. We provide Japanese informative documents on Burma, mailing list service, links to other sites and suggestion of further reading. Burma-Japan Up-date monthly is also available in English.

Burma Pages - The Burma Pages show photo galleries about an adventurous trip through the Golden Land. You can also find a travelogue, travel tips, country facts, links, books and other stuff. High quality slideshow!

Burma Project - The Burma Project, established by the Open Society Institute in 1994, is a foundation dedicated to increasing international awareness of conditions in Burma and to helping the country make the transition from a closed to an open society. To this end, the Burma Project initiates, supports, and administers a range of programs and activities around the globe.

Burmese Refuge Care Project - supports the medical clinic of Dr. Cynthia Maung on the Thai-Burma border aiding Burmese refugees.

Burma Research Office

Burma Research Electronic Discussion Group - We are a Europe-based research group devoted to the study of pre-contemporary Burma.

Burma Travel - Travel Guide and Information

Burmese American Professional Society

Burmese Days - Gallery with over 100 photos by Alex Sievers on the Golden Land during the monsoon, covering Rangoon, Bago, Pyay, Mandalay, Mingun, Bagan, Kalaw, Inle Lake and the Golden Rock Pagoda at Kyaiktiyo.

Burmese Relief Center--USA

Burmese Son

Civil Society for Burma

Customs of Myanmar

Danish Burma Committee - A committee dedicated to supporting the struggle for a democratic Burma via information campaigns and political lobbyism in co-operation with the democratic movement in or outside Burma.

Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB)

Educational on Burma

Ethnologue - Myanmar

Free Burma Coalition

Free Burma Coalition -News updates and campaign information.

Free Burma Site -Award winning site featuring interviews and articles on social issues .

Free Burma-No Petrodollars for SLORC

Information Sheet Committee -Myanmar

Internet Travel Guide: Myanmar - by Peter M. Geiser

Irrawaddy - Burmese Community Portal

The Irrawaddy - an independent news publication, raises awareness about Burma-related issues through unbiased reporting from a Burmese perspective.

Kabyar - Community and Entertainment Site

Karen.Org- Karen history, culture, and chat site etc.

Karen People.org - an information site by, for and on Karen people, with a discussion board, a job advertisement section, and information on publication.

Karen Emergency Relief Fund Inc. - provides assistance and development education to the Karen people.

Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG) - volunteer group active in areas not directly under the control of the SLORC.

Karen National League (KNL) - formed at 2nd International Karen Youth Conference in Ottowa, Canada and working for the equality, freedom and democracy of the Karen people.

Karen National Union (KNU) - revolutionary government of the Karen people in Burma.

Karen Teacher Working Group - This website focuses on education inside Karen State, Burma and in the refugee camps along the Thai-Burma border. The Karen Teacher Working Group is a local Karen organiztion providing mobile teacher training, an education newsletter and a number of other education related activities.

Kyawt Kyawt's Kitchen - Burmese Recipes

Maung.org - Burmese Community Website

Myanmar Fund

Myanmar Language Instruction And Translation Services - Myanmar language instruction available for all levels. Translation services available by highly experienced and professional translators.

Myanmar Photo Exhibition

Myanmars.net - Myanmar Resources

Nagani.com - Myanmar Information and News

National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma (NCGUB) - National Coalition Govenment of the Union of Burma, a provisional government-in-exile, formed by elected representatives of Burma who are dedicated to the task of restoring democracy and human rights to the country.

National League for Democracy(Liberated Area) Australia Branch - NLD (LA) Australia Branch is one of the international branches of National League for Democracy (Liberated Area) which is situated in Thai-Burma border and formed with exiled NLD Central Committee members, division and townships level personnel of NLD. NLD (LA) has been tirelessly and steadfastly working for democracy and human rights in Burma.

Nobel Peace Laureate Campaign for Aung San Suu Kyi and the People of Burma

Online Burma Library - Annotated and classified links to thousands of full-text documents on Burma/Myanmar, and to organisations working on the country.

Open Society Institute (Burma Project)

People's Forum on Burma

Project Maje - An independent information project on Burma's human rights and environmental issues, founded in 1986 by Edith T. Mirante (author of "Burmese Looking Glass.") The website contains recent reports on the Chin people of Burma, and is designed to provide an archive of all Project Maje reports dating back to the mid-1980s.

Prospect Burma

Rohingya Times - Rohingya Times provides latest Rohingya and Burma news. Links to all other Rohingya and Burmese websites. True History of Rohingya people of Arakan, Burma (Myanmar).

Rohingya'lish - Language of Rohingya Muslims of Arakan, Burma (Myanmar)

SPDC Rangoon

Southeast Asia: Beautiful Patterns, Common Threads - Join Avi Black, San Francisco teacher, on a trip of discovery through Southeast Asia, as he searches for the common threads that tie together the diverse cultures of the region as well as those things that make them unique.

Students for a Democratic Burma - Pennsylvania State University action group.

Than Daw Sint Magazine

Voice of America - Burma service.

Worldview Rights and PD Burma

WRTCBURMA - The Water, Research and Training Center for a new Burma is a non governmental, non-profit, educational foundation working for the Burmese/Myanmar peoples by promoting and improving their access to research and training opportunities and education in the water and rural sector in Burma-Myanmar and abroad. Founded in June 1997 and registered under the Netherlands Law on 8 September 1997. It is also a registered member of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK) since 11 September 1997. KvK No. is 41160487. Twenty two members run the center and the nineteen person board of governors advises and directs the WRTC's research, training, consultancy, advocacy, networking and information dissemination services.

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