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Akarrumput (Association for Civil Society Empowerment) - Akarrumput is non profit and independent non governmental organization, it was founded by some members of social community with various culture such as : mosque, churches, temple, student activists, social worker, and Young democratic professionalism on december 10 th, 1995 in ambarawa indonesia. the objective its building to struggle and empower people line to get rid of dream of 'up righting strong civil society' that nation should have to obey the civil society. concentread and focused on the civil society empowerment with transformatives effort as : education,training,awareness, advocation, accompanying, empowerment and organizing people at grass roots level based on the gender, environment. Email: general@akarrumput.net

APIKRI - Foundation for the Development of Indonesian People Handicraft

Bengkel Amal - Bengkel Amal is a non-profit organization. Our purpose is to help low income and needy families to be able to keep their children in school through our child sponsorship program. Our other programs focus on health and relief efforts in Indonesia. Bengkel Amal is a portal for donors, charities, and other organizations who would like to help Indonesia. Email: bemal@egroups.com

Conflict Prevention Initiative Portal on Indonesia

Heifer Project International Indonesia Program

Ina Hoi Riwa

Indonesia Community Recovery Program

Indigenous people of the Mentawai Islands - A collection of articles and list of resources from the disciplinary perspective of social/cultural anthropology, having the Mentawai Islands, Sumatra, Indonesia, as their focus. Includes detailed ethnographic data and interpretations of key cultural practices of the indigenous inhabitants of the southern region of Siberut, the largest island in the group. Also includes articles written by members of the island community. Website is a non-profit project made available by Dr. Glenn Reeves in the interests of enhancing understanding of this little-known region of the world.

INFID - International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development

Pakta Foundation

Project Underground - a US-based NGO that supports indigenous communities resisting oil and mining exploitation. In Asia, we collaborate with NGOs in the Phillipines and Indonesia in opposition to destructive gold mines owned by Newmont, the world's largest mining company.

Southeast Asia: Beautiful Patterns, Common Threads - Join Avi Black, San Francisco teacher, on a trip of discovery through Southeast Asia, as he searches for the common threads that tie together the diverse cultures of the region as well as those things that make them unique.

Toloka Foundation

YDA Solo


Indonesia Human Rights Network



Aceh & Malukus

FICA Ambon/Maluku

Maluku.org - This is a portal for organisations whom's scope is Maluku.

PosKo Zwolle - Maluku - This site has more than 22000 messages in his databases in three languages about the situation in Maluku. It's founded by three woman who felt that the established institutes has failed in the news spread about the situation. It's independent.


Unpo Republic of South Moluccas - International forum for Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation.


West Papua

IAWP - International Action for West Papua

Kabar Irian News

Korowai of Irian Jaya

Official Irian Jaya Home Page (Unofficial)

Oxford Papua Rights Campaign

West Papua Action - West Papua Action is an education and campaigning organisation in solidarity with the people of West Papua (Irian Jaya/Papua), occupied by Indonesia since 1963. It works for human rights in West Papua, including the right to self-determination.

West Papua Net

West Papua Niugini/Irian Jaya Homepage



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Toppamono Toppamono
Outlaw. Radical. Suspect. My Life in Japan's Underworld
by Miyazaki Manabu

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The Shore Beyond Good and Evil The Shore Beyond Good and Evil
A Report from Inside Burma's Opium Kingdom
by Hideyuki Takano

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Mapping the Tibetan World Mapping the Tibetan World
Tibet, China, India, Nepal and Bhutan
by Kotan Publishing

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