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Eden Social Welfare Foundation

Hakka Chinese

Himalaya Foundation - The Himalaya Foundation was established in Taipei in 1990 as a corporate foundation and its mission is to enable capable people of Chinese ancestry to develop their talents and participate broadly in the world community. By supporting a wide range of projects in many areas, we hope to inspire Chinese people to contribute their creative energy and the wealth of their cultural heritage to other societies.

National Arts and Cultures Foundation

National Association of the Deaf in Taiwan

Taiwan Philanthropy Information Center - (Chinese) offers a database of NPOs in Taiwan as well as weekly updates of news and activities (conferences, forums, etc.) in the nonprofit sector.

Taiwan Philanthropy Information Center - (English) a general introduction to the NPO sector in Taiwan geared towards an international audience.

Taiwan Aboriginal Rights - The Taiwan Aboriginal Rights webpage is a compilation of English language articles as well as links dealing with the historical and present day struggles of Taiwan's Aboriginal peoples.

Taiwan Environmental Protection Union

Taiwan Philanthropy Information Center

Taiwan Student Alliance

Taiwanese Hakka

Tien Educational Center

Yale Taiwanese American Society - Taiwanese American Society at Yale University.


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Toppamono Toppamono
Outlaw. Radical. Suspect. My Life in Japan's Underworld
by Miyazaki Manabu

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The Shore Beyond Good and Evil The Shore Beyond Good and Evil
A Report from Inside Burma's Opium Kingdom
by Hideyuki Takano

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Mapping the Tibetan World Mapping the Tibetan World
Tibet, China, India, Nepal and Bhutan
by Kotan Publishing

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