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In Tibet, the standard of the hospitals is not very high and some of them even in Lhasa are without sufficient electricity or heating systems. Foreign patients face exorbitant prices for treatment. In one instance a traveler was charged Y6,000 (US$750) for a single day's hospitalization and this figure was only after serious negotiation. This makes travel insurance seem rather appealing.

If you have mild altitude sickness or need a rabies vaccine, a small clinic in the city might be more practical. These days, every clinic uses disposable syringes, but you should check before just in case and have a supply of sterile ones yourself. You should leave Tibet immediately if you come down with anything more serious and seek medical attention in a more developed area.

Hospitals in Lhasa

TAR People's Hospital (Xizang Zizhiqu Renmin Yiyuan)

The TAR People's Hospital is a huge hospital on the Linkuo Beilu. For emergency treatment for ailments such as mountain sickness, go to the Jijiu Zhongxin (Emergency Treatment Center) in the building right next door. There are doctors who speak English here, and if you can't find them, ask at reception for them to be called on their pagers. If necessary, you can be admitted to the hospital here.


Chuanwang Zhensuo (Clinic)

The clinic is approximately 5 minutes from the Yak Hotel to the west on Beijing Donglu. A doctor will come to your hotel to see you, and this would be very helpful even if you only need to have an intravenous drip. Ask the hotel receptionist to arrange the doctor's visit.


Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute (Mentsikhang)

Opposite the Barkhor Square, the Mentsikhang is a Tibetan medicine hospital. The staff here is very kind, the prices are reasonable, and there are doctors who understand English. Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 10:00-13:00. Closed on Sunday and national holidays.


Lhasa City People's Hospital (Lhasa Renmin Yiyuan)

This hospital sits on the eastern side of the junction where the Beijing Donglu meets the Linlang Donglu.



Extract taken from "Mapping the Tibetan World"








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