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California Narcotic Officers' Association

The Shore Beyond Good and Evil

Mr. Takano's account of everyday life with the people of the Wa State was extraordinary. Only a person that lived through the experience can understand the many factors involved with the growing of the opium poppies and the processing of the opium into heroin. Mr. Takano went to great lengths to understand and explain his findings. His description of the lifestyles of the people in the Wa State was fascinating.

The people governed by the power hungry often suffer through a very underdeveloped life. Mr. Takano's description of the Wa people strongly pointed this out.

Mr. Takano accurately pointed out the power of addiction. There is no quick solution to the addiction problem. Addiction reaches all levels of society and he, an educated man, fell to the addiction of opium. And for Mr. Takano, I hope he can rid himself of the addiction he developed.

I believe "The Shore Beyond Good and Evil" is an educational tool to understand the opium trade in the "Golden Triangle."

Edward P. Huffman, Chairperson Public Education and Information Committee California Narcotic Officers' Association





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