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Book Reviews

Mapping the Tibetan World  

A unique and gripping book. >>>READ MORE

Andrew Marshall, author of the best selling "The Trouser People."


Mr. Takano's account of everyday life with the people of the Wa State was extraordinary...... I believe "The Shore Beyond Good and Evil" is an educational tool to understand the opium trade in the "Golden Triangle." >>>READ MORE

California Narcotic Officers' Association


Whether as a travelogue, a sociopolitical treatise, or simply as an eminently good read, this book is highly recommended. >>>READ MORE

The Daily Yomiuri, July 21, 2002


Takano's documentary is riveting...a very entertaining book. >>>READ MORE

I-S Magazine, March 15, 2002

  I-S Weekend

A remarkable literary scoop. >>>READ MORE

The Japan Times, March 9, 2002

  The Japan Times


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