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Extracts taken from the Library Journal Review

February 15, 2001

  Library Journal

Mapping the Tibetan World

Although this book has about 300 very detailed maps - everything from a map of the Potala Palace to downtown Cheng-du - it is essentially a travel guide rather than a history of mapping the Tibetan region, as the title may suggest. In the first chapter, the authors, all experienced travelers captivated by Tibet, are admirably forthright about the drawbacks of travel there (e.g., Tibetan mastiffs that bite on sight, the need for vaccinations, altitude sickness, and the absence of gourmet meals) and then spend the rest of the book focusing on the good points, such as the many monasteries and cultural sites and the ability to travel on $12 a day. Pages are filled with practical tourist information, basic tours, very detailed instructions (e.g., the building in front of which the bus leaves), and plentiful photos. Recommended for all travel collections specializing in Asian geographic areas.


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