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Mapping the Tibetan World

Reader's Comments


It is easy to see why this book has consistently been top-ranked on the Amazon website. It is a comprehensive, detailed and enjoyable read, providing any and all information a traveler to the region would need. >>>READ MORE

Japanzine, May 2004


'Mapping the Tibetan World' is a very ambitious project, and one that succeeds brilliantly.....If you want to explore the Tibetan sphere of influence, this is the book. >>>READ MORE

Michael Buckley, travel writer


This wonderful guidebook which contains almost 300 detailed maps is the Bible for Tibetan freaks.

Tibet Aid, Japan, January 2002


A little gem of a guide, this book gives excellent synopses that help one prepare for a trip to the Himalayan region...>>>READ MORE


  Shambhala Sun Online

It will become the 'Bible' for independent travel in the region. Laminate your copy against the rigours of the Tibetan road now! >>> READ MORE

FREE TIBET, Spring 2001


This is a highly comprehensive publication with all the latest information, covering even the remotest areas with helpful costings to facilitate a reasonably accurate budget. >>> READ MORE

Tibet Society, Spring 2001

  Tibet Society

Pages are filled with practical tourist information, basic tours, very detailed instructions (e.g., the building in front of which the bus leaves), and plentiful photos. >>> READ MORE

Library Journal, February 15, 2001

  Library Journal

A genuinely distinct travel and cultural guide to Tibet, Bhutan, and the Tibetan areas in Nepal, Western China, and Northern India. Presents updated travel information on both cities and remote areas, supplemented by extensive and valuable religious, cultural, and historical explanations, illustrations, b&w photos, language sections, and festival dates. Includes a unique collection of some 280 highly detailed maps covering the entire region.

Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (, February 2001

  Book News

"This guidebook is a perfect travel companion for anyone journeying in the Tibetosphere." >>> READ MORE

Nepali Times, January 5-January 11, 2001

  Nepali Times
  Tibet-bound travelers will find no better guide than Mapping the Tibetan World. Published in Japan, this English-language guidebook is both a solid travel guidebook and introduction to the Tibetan culture. Packed with useful maps and aimed specifically to the budget traveler, this is a must-have if you're seeing Tibet.

Big World magazine

  big world

"Indispensable for the serious traveler who wishes to understand the extent and diversity of the Tibetan World."

Tony Williams, Travel Officer, Australia Tibet Council.

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